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                    COLLABORATIVE LAW
Experience shows us that the adversarial process, which is central to our judicial system, provides a very ineffective way of dealing with divorce and custody issues. Often, clients who are already under a great deal of stress find themselves caught up in a process which actually encourages animosity and an us versus them attitude. Litigants often feel helpless and out of control. Simple decisions become complex, as hard feelings escalate. All too often, everyone loses.

Collaborative Law is a way of handling divorce and custody cases whereby attorneys for both parties to a dispute agree to assist their clients in resolving conflict and reaching agreement using cooperative strategies rather than adversarial techniques and litigation. The attorneys, by agreement with their clients, are disqualified from participating in any ensuing adversarial proceedings, and will withdraw from their representation in such an event. The collaborative process can save time and money. More importantly, it allows the parties involved to forge their own unique solutions to their problems; to divide their lives, without tearing them apart.

In 2001, Texas became the first State to formally recognize the collaborative process with the passage of HB 1363. This legislation amends the Texas Family Code to provide specific procedures to facilitate the collaborative process. If you would like more information on this new and exciting alternative to traditional divorce and custody litigation, please contact us.

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